Saint-Honore 13 Triffle (page 227) – making caramel with induction

i promise to myself that if i don’t have an induction stove, i will NOT make caramel.  spun sugar caramel is a component on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Saint-Honore Triffle (page 227).

the characteristics (and challenges when making caramel):

1- temperature control is precise.

2- your kitchen does not heat up.

3- the sides of the pot do not heat up to dangerous temperatures.

4- stopping the heat is near instantaneous.

5- reheating the caramel on the same pot has near zero issues with over cooking.

hint:  i have discovered that running water on the pot stops the caramel burning process, do this the moment you achieve the desired golden color, and it stays there!

6 thoughts on “Saint-Honore 13 Triffle (page 227) – making caramel with induction

  1. Phyllis says:

    Each row of your caramel is dead on the amber color as the one before and after…amazing! Thanks so much for the cold water tip!!

  2. Julie says:

    Love the caramel, it must be my all-time favorite way to decorate a cake! Yours is so evenly, perfectly colored. Beautiful sculptural 3D shapes. Just love it!

    • J, u used a large metal spoon with a narrow edge to drizzle and form these caramel sticks. using an induction stove gives perfectly managed and accurate heat control which is vital on caramel making.

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