She 09 Loves Me Cake (page 15) – She(ll) Loves Me Take

on the day after xmas, hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: She Loves Me Cake (page 15):

does this look like a xmas tree with a sea shell silhouette and a daisy flower fill?  bake the cake as written on the recipe, using the nordic ware daisy cake pan.  after unmolding and cooling the cake, with a sharp paring knife remove a few daisy flowers, keeping just enough flowers to fill a triangular xmas tree.  wrap the cake with a thin layer of ‘super lemon fondant.’  the sea shells are also ‘super lemon fondant’ formed on a special silicone push mold from japan.

the ‘super lemon fondant’ is delicious and i often observe people fighting over having a piece of this lemony dough, rather than leaving it on the plate!  the ‘super lemon fondant’ is best enjoyed when remaining chewy; after completing the cake, cover loosely with plastic wrap to prevent the fondant from drying out.

use the pointed end of a wooden chopstick, dipped in corn starch, to trace the fondant around the daisy petal edges, this gives a much pronounced 3D effect, than rubbing the fondant with your fingers of palm of your hands.

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  1. Cindy Vickers says:

    Can you tell me what silicone mold was used to make the shells.. Where can I purchase it? They are just perfect.

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