Chocolate 02 Banana Stud Cake (page 96) – A Present For You

on the fourth day after xmas, hector’s gift take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Banana Stud Cake (page 96): this came about in the same fashion as the wreath take. i used the wilton gift pan.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate 02 Banana Stud Cake (page 96) – A Present For You

    • thx J. I have an apartment size top freezer unit. a full size French door bottom freezer. a chest freezer. and a 8 bottle wine chiller! I baked the wreath and gift pan stud cakes at once in my apartment size oven range which has an oven width of only 17″. it is extremely even temperature, even when baking on two racks. I am getting a half sheet countertop oven sometime in January, will be great for baking half sheet pans for biscuit!

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  1. Natalie says:

    I adore this cake, and your take on it is adorable. My only disappointment upon eating it would be not having a chocolate chip in every bite. I loved how they soften up just enough on the cake to make each bite delicious. Can’t wait to make this one again… bananas are already in the freezer.

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