Saint-Honore 15 Triffle (page 227) – holiday take

on the sixth day after xmas, my sister captured with her camera the feeling of xmas starry nights!  for hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Saint-Honore Trifle (page 227).

this is the second half of the same trifle i served for thanksgiving.  instead of spun sugar, i made a caramel cage.

7 thoughts on “Saint-Honore 15 Triffle (page 227) – holiday take

  1. Jenn says:

    BEAUTIFUL H! I love the heart shape and the cage! Is this one with rambutan as well?
    Did you multiple the recipe to fill the heart pan? Is this 1 heart pan (split in half and filled) or 2?

    • thx J. I made one recipe and used 9″ heart pans which has the same volume as rounds. each layer was served individually; the first in san francisco over thansgiving.

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  2. Julie says:

    Hector, I’ve tried to make a heart-shaped caramel cage soooo many times, but it’s never worked for me. So I admire yours!

    My problem is that a silpat seems to be the only thing that the caramel releases from, and I can’t get it to wrap around the pan very well. How did you make yours?

  3. Julie says:

    I’ve tried the foil, of course, but peeling it off breaks the caramel. I always seem to have a few places where the foil crumples, and the caramel gets inside the little crevices, and then can’t be removed.

    I’ll try again, maybe this will be my year. My daughter always wants a heart-shaped cake for her birthday with a caramel cage. Every year so far she’s ended up with a caramel band, after I’ve broken a number of cages.

    • u must use non heavy dury foil and be sure the crevices are flattened or folded flat so the caramel doesn’t go under. the same for the edges,bottom of the cage, if caramel loops under, your cage will crack when u slip out the pan.

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