Sicilian 02 Pistachio Cake (page 65) – the slice

to me, this is a slice of heaven!  ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Sicilian Pistachio Cake (page 65).

the appeal of green is fun-tastic.  the buttercream is perfectly flavored.  the texture of the cake and the moistness are a worship.  all this was said from my guests in spite of hardly noticing it was pistachio (most people have never seen green pistachios) and after eating all the hours and hours of lines during our new year’s eve dinner!

2 thoughts on “Sicilian 02 Pistachio Cake (page 65) – the slice

  1. JennEm says:

    Hi Hector!
    Decided to check into your site after a long absence as I have been venturing into breads for the past several months. Your cake is a stunning creation as usual. I love how you have used different sized bits of pistachio which adds so much textural interest and transforms the cake into an artwork. It is a visual delight. I have a bag full of Iranian pistachios waiting in my freezer – they are the best in the world. Your photo inspires me to try out the cake now that I have Rose’s book finally. A while back, I made a creme anglais flavoured by pistachio marzipan from Patricia Wells’ “Food lovers Guide to Paris” which was fab. Wonder whether that would compliment the cake or would be too much of the same thing? Thanks again for your inspiring blog which spurs us all on.

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