Black 02 Chocolate Party Cake (page 119) – mac nut walnut take

hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Black Chocolate Party Cake (page 119), baked with the nordic ware 3d xmas tree pan.

1- recipes calling for toasting nuts, i almost always like to use the same cake pan to toast the nuts.  it saves one cleanup step, and i believe any nut oil left on the pan contributes flavor and non-stick!  i am using mac nuts instead of walnuts:

2- this is the baked cake, as you see, it overflows ‘just right.’

3- trim the excess with a serrated knife, then brush on the cocoa syrup.

4- if you need to freeze the cake, invert the cake on a half-sheet pan lined with plastic wrap (silpat works, too).  the plastic wrap creates a tight seal if you use the cake pan as the cover!

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