Chocolate 14 Tomato Cake with Mystery Ganache (page 87) – process

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Tomato Cake with Mystery Ganache (page 87) has become my recommended chocolate butter cake.  no-one needs to know that there is near 2 lbs of tomato soup in it.

my preferred method to make ganache is using an immersion blender.  it is less messier than using a food processor.

first, melt the chocolate, uncovered, unchopped, in an oven set between 100 to 115 oF.  it will take an hour or so, or perhaps longer, but it is completely unattended:  no stirring, no chopping!  be sure to use an accurate oven thermometer.  most gas ovens with pilot lights remain at this temperature.  electric ovens with the oven light kept turned on are pretty close to this temperature, too!  and as long as the temperature does not go above 120 oF, you could actually leave your chocolate unattended for days!

then, scald the cream (heat until bubbles start to appear).  let the cream cool to 100 to 115 oF.  pour onto the chocolate and mix together with the immersion blender.  it will take just about 10 seconds.  let the ganache set on the same bowl, there is no transferring, no washing of a food processor, etc, etc.

my take 2 on this cake will have a heart factor:


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