Many-Splendored 05 Quick Bread (page 131) – cooked quinoa

on take two of ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Many-Splendored Quick Bread (page 131), i cook the quinoa.

on take one, the quinoa turned out gritty and crunchy, too harsh to comfortably bite.  for take two i suggest cooking the quinoa on the water that is used on the recipe.  use a heavy lidded pot, boil the quinoa for 10 minutes, covered.  then allow the quinoa to cool completely, covered.  the quinoa will absorb the water, but since you will add all the contents to the cake batter, in all, the total water loss is insignificant as long as you use a heavy lidded pot, such as a lecreuset.

i love this cake. it has a green natural healthy appeal.  i love the dense and crumbly texture, similar to a traditional banana bread.  brushing the cake top with Koloa dark rum rounds up the flavors of the many hawaii ingredients on this cake; cake tastes better on the second day, stored well wrapped, refrigerated.

i repeated take two a second time!  using a 2x recipe baked on a 9 cup nordic ware arena cake pan.  it is important for this wholesome cake to provide a cake pan with center support (center tube) and with a shallow depth.  the nordic ware stadium pan may work, or also the nordic ware wreath pan since all are shallow pans.

be sure to allow additional baking time on these larger recipes, and perhaps bake it till the internal temperature is 200-210 oF instead of the normal 190 oF.

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