No-Bake 05 Whipped Cream Cheesecake (page 257) – more slices

hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: No-Bake Whipped Cream Cheesecake (page 257), has been well received.  i present this cake as a dessert for the coffee lover.  it is the perfect after-dinner cup-of-coffee.

1- i like to wrap a flattened cupcake foil liner on one corner of the slice, this will support the cheesecake crust, which tends to fall when the slice is laying on the serving plate.

2- i also like to include a little packet of sugar, just as if you would be serving a cup of coffee!  for the coffee-with-sugar lovers, sprinkle the sugar on the cake.  maui turbinado sugar is perfect on this.

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