Zach’s 08 La Bomba (page 285) – from farm to table

my goal is to meet the farmer who grows the ingredients.  hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Zach’s La Bomba (page 285) uses tisane tea instead of blackberry tea for the chocolate mousse fruit infusion.  please meet miss jesse ford, plantation manager at my tisane farm!

picture taken on 2/4/11, jesse at her tisane demo in honolulu.  i joined jessie at her booth, and we had a good time.  it was great to talk to the public about how i have been using tisane.  i brought a piece of cake, and the store owners screamed in joy.  we put a great show, and we hope to repeat this once a month at the same store:  stay tuned.

zach’s la bomba focuses on the acidity of blackberries.  blackberries don’t grow in hawaii, so my advisors suggested on passion fruit.  what a great marriage… specially now that passion fruit is making a big come back on the east coast as passion fruit chocolate truffles!

the purpose of the tea infusion on chocolate mousse is to heighten the taste of the fruit flavor showcased.  i chose tisane, which has a natural citrus taste.  i specifically chose the tisane papaya leaf vanilla bean blend:  the astringent characteristic of papaya leaf plus the floral effects of vanilla heightened the flavor of passion fruit and rounded the sharpness of tart passion fruit.

in one sentence, you can’t taste the tea, but it is the tea which brings up the taste of the fruit on the chocolate mousse.  the experience was so intense, that i will rewrite this recipe as truffle size mousse bites.

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