The 05 Bostini (page 351) – the chiffon

this is the full chiffon cake used for the cake cutouts for hector take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: The Bostini (page 351):

and a closer closeup of a slice:
and chiffon was my family’s favorite cake.  i learned to how make it since i was 8 y.o.

2 thoughts on “The 05 Bostini (page 351) – the chiffon

  1. Daniel Bloom says:

    Hi Hector,
    I was wondering how you got the flat “top” with the circular lines. Obviously, it is the impression made by a cooling rack. But logically you can’t remove a chiffon from its tin until it cools and by then you can’t flatten the “bottom”. Do you see why I am confused?

    • D, as a matter of fact most people serve the chiffon upside down. sorry for the confusion. yes, mines is upright and reinverted with a combrichon round cooling rack

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