12 thoughts on “Marble 02 Velvet Cake (page 52) – hector’s take

  1. Julie says:

    Looks great, H! Now I see why you used foil, so the bottom of the cake wouldn’t brown and would have good contrast.

    Did you have to adjust the liquid for your espresso subsittution? And did you have to adjust the leavening for the 12″ pan? Your cake looks perfect.

    • J, my notes:


      instead of choco: 25 gr cocoa and 100 gr espresso

      1.5x for 12×2″ round (15cups) , greased w b joy then lined bottoms w foil. peel foil to reveal marble, rub/remove crumbs for more detail.

      pipe or pour some choco patterns

      use 1.5 tsp bpowder and 3/4 tsp bsoda (same amounts as 1 x 12″ grand marnier wedding cake). pan filled 3/4 full, even rise above 2″ w/o overflowing, center dome and crack at last 15 min of baking. during cooling cake and dome shrunk considerable and final height was below 2″ and level. small pockets of pastiness but yummy.

      ap flour

      NEXT TEST: for 1×6″ and 1×9″, 2″ deep (3.9+8.8=12.7cups), scale from 15cups and use 1 3/4 tsp b powder and 3/4 b soda.

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  2. Jenn says:

    H, looks awesome. Happy to know that this works in a round pan!

    I have an unrelated question for you. I saw kumquats for the 1st time last week in the store. I’ve never had it before and thought to use it for something. I’ve looked at Rose’s forum and she posted the how to for candied kumquats. Also I’ve read that you’ve made kumquat-lemon buttercream. So can I make kumquat curd? Is it the same thing as other citrus curd?

    • hey J, if you can find Calamonsi, even better, and i believe less expensive than kumquat. try the asian markets, it is heavily used.

      chocolatiers are starting to make truffles with calamonsi, as well as with passion fruit.

      calamonsi juice is orange color, but tart like lemon.

      calamonsi zest is sweet like orange zest, and has very little of the white skin, so you could use the whole skin instead of just zesting the outer layer.

  3. Julie says:

    Jenn, Hector’s right, kumquats are mostly skin (which is sweet) with just a little pulp (which is sour like a lemon). It would be very hard to make curd with just juice, as they won’t have but a few drops per fruit.

    They are wonderful candied, though, over vanilla ice cream or with a little whipped cream. If your batch isn’t too tart, you can even eat them raw in salads.

  4. Jenn says:

    H, I made the marble velvet cake last night, 1/2 the recipe and baked in a 7 inch pan. I used your method of lining the bottom with foil and use 1 1/2 tsp bp and a bit less than 3/4 tsp of bs (the reduction is for high altitude). The cake rose pretty high – almost to the top of the pan during baking and was done in 37 minutes. Final height after unmoulding and cooling: 1 1/2 inches. The bottom of the cake stuck a bit to the foil though so it didn’t come out as pretty as yours. Regardless, it still tasted very good :).

    • hey J, awesome. yes, my cake rose a lot and then came down.

      after peeling the foil, scrub the crust with your fingers and a brush. or use a serrated knife.

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