6 thoughts on “Southern 05 Coconut Cake (page 23) – the slice

  1. Ceci says:

    Perfect slice!!!te felicito.se ve absolutamente provocativo!
    Amigo he tenido muchos cambios últimamente,cambio de casa, de muebles, he estado muy ocupada pero siempre siguiendote los pasos. Solo falta un mes para que la nueva bebe llegue a casa! Estamos felices. Te mando un abrazo, bye.

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi. thanks for these photos and great ideas. are the ‘roses’ around the bottom of the cake made from the coconut ‘curls’ you made with the butter scraper? i’d like to try this, so if you have any suggestions, please share.

    • very well Sarah. this is a coconut that has been frozen (in the shell), then thawed, thus it was fairly soft and perfect to scrap strands with the butter curler and form the “roses”

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