Southern 06 Coconut Cake (page 23) – new take

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Southern Coconut Cake (page 23) is perfect. but in an effort to invent new takes, i am borrowing my favorite yellow cake recipe and converting it into a coconut cake.

my favorite yellow cake recipe is the Butter Cream Cake from this book. replace the cream with coconut milk and the yolks with whites.

here it is, with ganache and sweetened coconut baker’s flakes:

note: the dense bottoms is due to a mistake i’ve been doing. the butter was too cold when mixing. it is recommended butter be 65-75 oF, but i’ve been using 60-63 oF, thinking my weather is very warm and the lower range would warm up in no time. when the butter is too cold, it won’t mix well, thus the dense bottoms.

in warm weather, regardless, do not use butter lower than 65 0F. the recommendation is:

for colder weather, butter at 75 oF is ideal

and for warm weather, butter 70 oF is ideal

4 thoughts on “Southern 06 Coconut Cake (page 23) – new take

  1. Julie says:

    Hector, you had me going for a minute there, when you said your favorite cake was from a different book, my jaw dropped, thinking it wasn’t a Rose book!

    So glad to see your coconut take on the golden butter cream cake, and especially to see the effects of butter temp.

    • J, i’ve been having the dense bottoms cakes since i started baking with RHC even before the book came out! when i was doing the Golden Dream and the Grand Marnier wedding cakes.

      finally, it came out very obvious when doing the butter cream cake from Cake Bible (my other book…..), and even so when i changed this butter cream cake to a chocolate espresso cake: this turned great texture and zero dense bottoms since i bumped my butter temperature just by a little bit! here the pix:

  2. Julie says:

    Perfect texture in that chocolate slice!

    I had a similar problem with a chocolate cake a few month ago, when it was freezing cold here in New England, and I’ll bet it was the same issue- my room temp butter was probably too cold. Thanks again for reporting your fix, it’ll save me from having to work out the same solution!

    • J, i believe Rose has one bedroom at her NY apartment, set to warm temperature and this is where she places her chocolate and butter overnight prior baking.

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