Baby 16 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – mac mocha oblivions

the inevitable is happening, hector’s is re-writing ROSE’S heavenly CAKES recipes!  based on the Baby Chocolate Oblivions (page 371), this is hector’s Mac Mocha Oblivion. 

replace the chocolate with 60% macadamia nut paste and 40% sugar, by weight.  i also add 2 shots of espresso.

how can one resist the flavors of a mac flavored cafe?

to make mac nut paste, use unsalted macs and process them in the food processor till fine paste.  this paste is melted with the butter and sugar, as done with chocolate on the original oblivion recipe.  then while cooling, the espresso is added (you really don’t want to heat up coffee on the stove!).

i call this mocha because i serve it with a dollop of whipped light ganache.

the chocolate oblivion is the best way to bake with chocolate.  the mac mocha oblivion is the best way to bake with macs!

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