5 thoughts on “Heavenly 04 Coconut Seduction Cake (page 20) – two 6″ cakes

  1. Sharon says:

    Yep, they are perfectly level…do you dislodge your cake with an offset spatula pressing agnst the sides or place a hot towel underneath for few minutes for easy removal?

    How did you get those perfect contours? Is it the silicone strip? Back here getting the silicone strip is always a hunt, so i make mine with aluminium foil and kitchen towels as suggested in TCB.

    • thx S, this is a perfect example where getting the best tools and materials makes a world of difference.

      1- yes, i use an offset spatula pressing against the sides, as indicated by rose. i DO NOT use a hot towel, unless it is a custard or flourless cake or jello indeed (such as cheesecake, the oblivion, etc).

      2- bakers joy is the best baking spray, nothing else to my experience gives you most perfect release and even crust.

      3- and YES, i use rose’s silicone cake strips. they are much better than dealing with anything else. this will be worth getting, as they last a long time.

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