White 02 Velvet Cupcakes (page 298) – mistery unsolved

i am doing something wrong with ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: White Velvet Cupcakes (page 298).  this also happens with a few other butter cakes i’ve been mixing.

this is what the batter looks after mixing, what do you think it is?  seems like the flour has seized into grains, and there is strings of butter and liquid around it!

it seems like i may have added too much liquid on the first mixing when butter is mixed with flour.

or it seems that i am using evaporated milk and water (1/2 each) instead of whole milk!

help me…

4 thoughts on “White 02 Velvet Cupcakes (page 298) – mistery unsolved

  1. I wish I had an answer for you! My white velvet batter always looks a little grainy, as if it curdled slightly, but it doesn’t seem to affect texture or taste. Your batter looks like the extreme version of mine!

  2. Hector hi! i saw your problem the same happened to me be witha walnut cake and i figure it out that i did not use the ingredientes at room temperature… but if you are following the recipe as rose says maybe this is not the problem, i sugest you next time use warm milk just like the temperature of a baby milk…hope this works.
    congratulations you make amazing cakes

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