Chocolate 01 Ingots (page 313) – heaven on cacao nibs!

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Ingots (page 313) uses cacao nibs.  i’ve been working with local cacao growers for a while, but never paid attention to nibs.  nibs are the first product available from the cacao farm.

i have no idea what took me so long to start using nibs.  i guess nibs aren’t pretty on its own, but a touch of sugar or as a component in a cake, they transport you to heaven, right on earth!

nibs is pure cacao seed, prior grinding into fine paste to make chocolate!  nibs are as close as one can get to the farm.  nibs hasn’t gone thru the delicate and complex process of been turned into chocolate bars, yet.  nibs are very chocolatey and have a nice scent.  nibs are almost as chocolatey as eating pure cocoa powder, except nibs have a crunchy nutty texture.  nibs are slightly bitter, just slightly, i actually like to define this as a chocolate lacking sweetness.

nibs work well sprinkled on fruit, on milkshakes, or as ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate Ingots (page 313) suggests:  caramelized!  i cooked a full pound of it!

caramelized nibs are wonderful!  you don’t add a whole lot of sugar to it, actually.

eat caramelized nibs as snacks, grind them, blend them, bake them, or store them in airtight jars for indefinite use!  nibs have a very long shelf life.

i would say, for every recipe calling for chocolate chips, i would use caramelized nibs instead!  i love the puritan taste, and who knows, the extra fiber may be a healthy plus factor :=)

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