Golden 01 Dream Wedding Cake (page 397) – the highest take

as hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES is close to 75% completed, i realize i haven’t listed all the wedding cakes.  i made the Golden Dream Wedding Cake (click for my review) before the book hit the bookstore shelves. here, additional photos:

1- wedding cake world record.  highest elevation mankind can reach by car with cake.  guinness book pls verify this!

2- i think that is the Smithsonian telescope

3- my visit to the Subaru telescope, i am walking on what they call the catwalk.  behind is the Keck telescope:

4- look how tiny people are here compared to the size of the telescope, Subaru.  the whole building is the telescope.  i was inside and i felt like ‘honey i shrunk the kids.’  the telescope glass lens is a single solid piece of glass, about 10 yards wide.  there isn’t any piece of glass larger than that because there isn’t enough glass in the world to build one!  the glass doesn’t rotate, instead, the entire building does!5- access to the telecope’s control center is restricted to staff only.  i had to say i was an assistant astronomer.  i did some work, crunching numbers on a spreadsheet.

6- the night is long, it is cold, it is high elevation, so i took a nap.  when i showed this photo to Subaru, they almost fined me.  sleeping isn’t allowed because there is a change you never wake up!

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