Lemon 04 Canadian Crown (page 330) – lemon zest in eternity

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Lemon Canadian Crown (page 330) is a lovely ice cream cake, where the ice cream is an elegant blend of whipped cream and lemon curd.

lemon curd comes alive when ‘fresh’ lemon zest is added.  the term ‘fresh’ doesn’t mean the lemon zest needs to be fresh from the tree.  lemon zest freezes for a very long time (provided it is well sealed such as in a vacuum seal bag).

zest as much as you can, make a little ball, and freeze it into a solid pack.  when recipes calls for ‘fresh’ lemon zest, use a serrated kitchen scissors to scrape as much ‘frozen’ zest as needed.  it is baking magic.

i am using calamonsi fruit, the juice is amber yellow like a hybrid between a very tart lemon and a tangerine, the zest is lime green.

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