Devil’s 05 Food Cake with Midnight Ganache (page 99) – dry take

one of my students failed ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Devil’s Food Cake with Midnight Ganache (page 99).  the ganache was amazing!  the assembly a decoration beautiful.

but the cake turned out dry.  all steps were followed accurately, except the flour was measured with cups.

here is my cry to Rose:

“this is my friend’s Craig 6th cake from RHC, the devil food cake.  he is well read and speaks highly of ur book!  Craig is a journalist!  he admires how clear u write, how all instructions are included.  he admires the effort of including ingredient charts in volume and weight.

for GOD sake, I beg YOU, to please get rid off volumes!  PLS list everything in grams!!!!!!!!  there is NO reason anyone can’t have a scale nowadays!  maybe include one with the book!!!!!!!

for reasons i can’t describe, Craig decided not to use his scale for this cake.  he measured flour in cups.  the cake turned out dry, like a crumbling brick!

i love this cake, the caramel ganache and cognac cherries are such refinement and quite more work than plain ganache.  all ruined because flour was measured in cups!  and pls… i don’t buy it when u demo that measuring flour in cups is doable when sifted on!!!!!!”

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