Southern 08 Coconut Cake (page 23) – last take

the ultimate test for keeping qualities for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Southern Coconut Cake (page 23):

let me tell you that i think this is the ULTIMATE test for a cake to label it as moist, keepable, or what not.

1- i baked the recipe as written on the book.
2- after the cake was completed and refrigerated for 24 hours, i sliced it and froze it individually in vacuum at -20 oF.
3- the piece you see here was thawed and refrozen twice!  still wrapped.
4- on the last thawing, the wrapper was removed and cake placed on a rectangular tupperware container, covered.  left at room temperature for 36 hours.  then refrigerated for 24 hours.  then eaten.

why did it thaw/freeze this cake so many times?  also why did it leave it a room temp then refrigerated again?  because of serving logistics.  the cake was not eaten the first time i intended to serve it, nor the second time, nor the third time!

cake remains delicious and amazingly moist!  coconut milk must keep cake moist!

on another note, my friend Stacey from the south, attended this exquisite wedding set on an outdoor garden, and take the wedding cake!

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