Yellow 15 Butter Cupcakes (page 295) – sharon’s take

 fellow blogger Sharon from India, take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Yellow Butter Cupcakes (page 295).  she says “…was very well received… cupcakes… baked in silicone moulds…had a nice brown butter, nutty flavor to the cake.”


Sharon remarks “… I still wonder how I can get those picture perfect tops like how you do for your cupcakes…maybe level them with an offset spatula after piping the batter into the liners or something? Or maybe pipe less batter into each liner ??  I usually bake mine as soon as I pipe them but don’t usually weight the batter as I pipe them simply ‘coz my digital weighing scale is not that big…Yours look so professional and aesthetic but then, you are one….but again, I can also aspire to be one, can’t I?  Smile… “

Hector replies “… sure you CAN!!!!!!  weighing the amount of batter is a must.  equal cupcakes bake equal time, equal heat, equal surroundings, equal tops!  try decreasing oven heat, too high is more doming.  is your oven temp correct?  resting the cupcakes in the cupcake pan about 10 mins prior baking may help too… “

 hope this helps, if not, i really don’t know what are the answers…

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