Cranberry 05 Crown Cheesecake (page 241) – cheesecake is a custard

[ photo credit Jennifer ]

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Cranberry Crown Cheesecake (page 241) is a basic cheesecake.  just gloriously enhanced with a crown of ladyfingers and a beautiful topping.

a cheesecake is a custard.  custards are (usually) flourless/starchless cakes which rely on eggs to bind and set into a smooth-yet-moldeable ‘cake-like’ cakeS!  custards are baked at low temperature so eggs don’t bubble scramble.

Rose’s Chocolate Oblivion cake is the same custard concept, with chocolate:

another type of custard is flan.  (so far, i list as custards:  cheesecakes, oblivions, and flans).  here is hector’s take on flan.  i let you dig into my facebook page to find the recipe and the history behind it!  try it:  (both) finding the recipe and making it!  it is easy to do, just takes a lot of waiting time.

don’t tell me it is fattening.  flan is only 9 eggs, a lot of reduced fat milk, and the usual amount of sugar; yet it serves at least 20 people!  short of the 75 paddlers as you can see each had only a third of a serving!

i think paddling is a lot of work, so next time, i shall bring a dozen flan:

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