Angel 03 Food Cake Base Recipe (page 154) – hector’s take

hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Angel Food Cake Base Recipe (page 154) is on a shallow 1″ pan. the texture was less airy than baked on a traditional angel food cake tube pan, but i think it made a ‘perfect’ layer ‘sponge’ cake frosted with the most delicate chocolate ganache:

it was very delicious and i don’t think the angel food cake was any too sweet. i frosted it with a VERY THICK layer of dark chocolate ganache.

then i coated it with the shiny lacquer glaze, which i think is TOO SWEET.

the gold was perfect gilding:

6 thoughts on “Angel 03 Food Cake Base Recipe (page 154) – hector’s take

  1. Shi Hao says:

    Hi hector

    I was directed to your webpage via RLB’s site.

    I’m having some queries with regards to your Angel Food Cake base. Did you actually fill the batter up to the brim of the shallow cake tin? I am actually intending to make a layer cause using Angel Food Cake as the cake base but wasn’t really sure about how it would turn out if it is baked using tins other than a tube pan.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shi Hao

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