Moist 02 Chocolate Raspberry Genoise (page 187) – on takes

here is the cake component on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Moist Chocolate Raspberry Genoise (page 187):

and here is a progress photo of the whipped eggs:

and here is what i share on my facebook:

hector:  “i will attempt to Hawaiianize the best recipe of chocolate/raspberry cake: will moisten the cake with coconut, will use passion fruit instead of raspberry on the frosting, and will use fresh mango as decor. COCONUT-PASSION-MANGO is a classic ménage à trois and my favorite!”

hector:  “ganache infused with passion fruit is climaxic!”

SY and BC like this.

BC: ” I love your food porn!”

hector: “OMG BC, and the picture looks like it!”

BC: “LOL yup!”

JST: “I see some Kōloa Rum there! :0)”

hector: “oh, let me explain…… ganache is chocolate frosting as good as it can be. it is just 1/2 chocolate of your best taste choice and 1/2 cream. NOW, replace some of the cream with raspberry or passion fruit or tomato puree, and it shoots you to heaven. add a little liquor, and you may never come back from heaven!”

hector: “perfect liquor when passion fruit is in place!”

JSG: “Gotta try that!”

ACV: “It sounds terrific ;). Tengo que intentarlo!”

hector: “si la Rose utiliza campbells tomato soup en un ganache, pues podremos ser igual de creativos :)”

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