Moist 04 Chocolate Raspberry Genoise (page 187) – behind the scenes

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Moist Chocolate Raspberry Genoise (page 187), behind the scenes, using a make shift photo light bouncer:“a must and basic photography technique.  put a piece of foil, white cardboard, or anything that can bounce light to illuminate and bring to life the shadow side of your cake.

light comes from the left on this picture (my apartment window).  without a light bounce, the right side of the cake would be dark. if the right side isn’t dark, then the left side would be too bright (digital cameras like to take a light average, so to brighten the dark side then the bright side is over exposed).

this works very well at night with flash. put ur bounce board opposite or angled to catch some of the flash at a bounce. the picture will look more detailed and not flat as typically does with flash coming just from one side.

as u c, my giant cutting board covered with a white silpat works!  sometimes I use my stainless steel refrigerator as a light bounce which is perfect because u position / angle the light source by swinging the refrigerator door!

below, the first picture is without the light bounce.  u can see the right side looks dark.  the second picture is with the light bounce:  ”

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  1. Sharon says:

    Really helpful tips for the food blogger…also lovely luscious cake..who is going to eat it?

    And that is a giant cutting board, by the way, smile…

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