Mud 02 Turtle Cupcakes (page 377) – by my niece and nephew

3 years ago, my sister said: “your niece wants to bake with you.” hector’s take was born…

i clearly remember, that misty sunday morning: we turned the computer on, started video taping and baked cupcakes from ROSE’S heavenly CAKES.

today, a bigger version of the same niece and nephew are taking ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Mud Turtle Cupcakes (page 377):

7 thoughts on “Mud 02 Turtle Cupcakes (page 377) – by my niece and nephew

  1. The cupcakes look great! I love how the tall paper cups keep the turtles neat and contained, no mess or drips down the sides. Your little chefs did a great job.

    • J, it just happened that i didn’t want to go to the trouble of baking more than 12 cupcakes of regular size since my oven fits only 12 per shelf and my cupcake pans are in 6s (i think the recipe says that it will yield about 14), so i recurred to using jumbo sizes, 9 of them!

  2. Nidia says:

    Hector, they look great! I have a question, the cupcake paper cups look very nice, where do yo buy them? any specifci brand?
    Also, Iwill go with my girls for Spring break to honolulu, do you recommend a brand or place where to buy local hawainn products like flours, jams , vanilla, oils etc (good brands and goor prices i would like totry something different than what I have around the town that I live in Texas. thank you, Nidia

    • Hi Nidia, welcome to Hawaii! I get my stuff online directly from the farmers. They all ship from the different islands. The gift shop of is pretty amazing.

      Whole Foods in Hawaii carries almost everything local too.

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