Chocolate 02 Raspberry Trifle (page 222) – passion fruit take

you bet!!! hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Chocolate Raspberry Trifle (page 222) takes passion fruit and mango instead of raspberries.

fresh mango is poached in syrup with la cuisine french mango arome and koloa rum dark rum.  the syrup is used to moisten the chocolate genoise.passion fruit jelly is used on the whipped cream topping, instead of raspberry jam.  of course, more koloa rum, too.

i call this:  “RUM PASSION WHIPPED CREAM” and start describing it as:  “inspired by an ethereal orange marmalade whipped cream, i created Rum Passion Whipped Cream.  (1) the tanginess of passion fruit cuts the butteriness of the cream, and (2), the liquor of the rum makes the cream emulsify like a dream. Rum Passion Whipped Cream is near palate cleansing… you won’t enjoy plain whipped cream anymore!  Koloa Dark Rum has undertones of vanilla, perfect! the floral qualities of vanilla rounds any sharp flavors associated with passion fruit! serve it on your favorite shortcake, trifle, or iced coffee drink. try it on chocolate and fresh mango!  makes 3 cups, sufficient to frost one 9-inch layer cake.  note: my whipped cream mixing method starts with a NON-chilled mixing bowl. takes longer to make but makes it smoother and less prone of watering down. fat whips better at room temp!”here is a closeup of the creme anglaise component on this trifle assembly.  if i had remembered, i would add koloa rum to the creme anglaise, too!  have you every tried adding a little bit of liquour to your creme anglaise?  gets very smooth and gets rid of any trace of egginess.  my creme anglaise is called Hawaiian Vanilla Company creme anglaise:


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  1. Sharon says:

    Wow, that was a fantastic tip on Creme anglaise….that the liquor added gets rid of traces of egginess and makes it extra smooth….thanks Hector!

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