we have 100,000 hits!!!!!

myyellowkitchen.com started in 2009. 100 hits the first month, 200 hits the second month, 400 hits the third month, 800 hits the fourth month.

today, the average is 200 hits per day and the total since 2009 is 100,000 hits!

100 cakes later, myyellowkitchen.com will next focus on……


3 thoughts on “we have 100,000 hits!!!!!

    • J, i’ve just finished proofreading Cake Bible translation done in Madrid in Spanish language! it is title La Biblia de las Tartas and should hit bookstores in Spain next month. i also consulted on the photos used on the book (they are completely new photos, a bit far fetched from true Cake Bible recipes… oh well… i think it was too expensive to photograph the actual cakes on the book!).

      the GOOD news is that La Biblia de las Tartas is a literal translation from Cake Bible. there aren’t any changes in ingredients or recipes. this means, everyone in the USA that speaks Spanish, will be able to use this book! there are a few pages to help readers from Spain on how to find certain ingredients.

      i am going to take a few months of break, and after that i plan to bake all the showcakes from Cake Bible, well… the ones that i haven’t done yet!


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