White 07 Velvet Cupcakes (page 298) – buttermilk take

debbie’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: White Velvet Cupcakes (page 298) is frosted with Dreamy CreamyWhite Chocolate Frosting (page 85) flavored with passion fruit butter and topped with toasted chocolate.

debbie used buttermilk in the cake batter as well as pineapple chunks.  I TOTALLY LOVED THE TASTE OF THE WHOLE THING!

2 thoughts on “White 07 Velvet Cupcakes (page 298) – buttermilk take

  1. That sounds great to me, too! I love, love, love the idea of using buttermilk for more flavor in a white cake!

    And the passion fruit cream cheese buttercream reminds me of the RHC passionfruit genoise buttercream- yummy.

    • Thx J. Had a chance to steal one from Debbie and was good! I think cupcakes is a forgiving cake size, u can modify the batter without worrying about not enough cake pan support or about messy cake serving.

      i ADORE passion fruit desserts more than even orange or lemon! Fresh/frozen unpasteurized fruit puree is the absolute BEST! Sent from my iPhone

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