Deep 06 Chocolate Passion Wedding Cake (page 409) – assembly takes part 2

hector’s new take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Deep Chocolate Passion Wedding Cake (page 409).   here the many steps of assembling a wedding cake!

10- the wedding cake design is 3 floating tiers.  insert Wilton’s hidden pillars:

11- these pillars are very sturdy.  once i made a 12 tier cake with it, called Hawaii Way:

12- the space between the floating tiers will be filled with fresh roses.  buy the roses ahead of time and wait for them to open:

13- meanwhile pipe the requested motive.  i used Chocolate Egg White Buttercream, so i didn’t need to add tons of black food coloring:

14- here is the completed top tier.  the ribbon is made from fondant:

4 thoughts on “Deep 06 Chocolate Passion Wedding Cake (page 409) – assembly takes part 2

  1. Sharon says:

    How come your edges and sides are so perfect Hector???

    Are the cakes refrigerated before you work on them or do you crumb coat them and then refrigerate them before you add the second coat?

    Seriously, I have started going to a cake decorating class just to get my edges and contours straightened out…there’s no point if you use the best of the very best in ingredients wisely and carefully, and have your cake look like a sloppy mass, thats pretty painful!

    • Thx! If I would had applied a third coat, then it would be even better! For whipped cream, the last coat should be thin and with soft peak whipped cream. It becomes smooth like fondant.

      I used gelatin stabilized whipped cream because i wanted to display the cake for a few hours.

      FYI, the black piping was buttercream and I was so worry the color would bleed. It probably did by the next day! The bakery trick is to pipe it just prior delivery. The perfect way would be to use chocolate lattice!

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