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i am reposting my first take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Deep Chocolate Passion Wedding Cake (page 409), as posted on

i wanted this cake to be a dream, and this is the first time i felt i made one! here is my interpretation of the Deep Chocolate Passion Wedding Cakefrom Rose’s upcoming book: Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. the recipe is easy to follow, plus i made this cake to be local Hawaiian fare. A hui hou!

the first ingredient i shall reveal is macadamia oil. Rose’s recipe calls for a neutral vegetable oil, like safflower or canola, but i used macadamia oil instead since it is readily available. Barbara Gray from Oils of Aloha worked with me and loved the idea of using her wonderful Hawaii’s Gold macadamia oil for this cake. in fact, i have been using this oil for all my chocolate chiffon cakes for years. macadamia oil has a beautiful gold shine and a slight nutty taste. it is premium and healthy, and in my opinion bakes very well for all oil based cakes. when i performed several blind tastings for this cake vs safflower, everyone agreed the macadamia oil was fine fine fine, enhancing and never overpowering other flavors, specially for chocolate. it is a neutral vegetable oil, so neutral i thought i was driving stick shift, with just an invisible backseat driver: a flavor enhancer, the mac nutty hint. you can find Barbara at

Rose’s original cake is decorated with lovely chocolate twigs. but not long ago i had a dream “how about using vanilla beans to decorate this cake?” so since i could, i should, i did: i contacted Jim Reddekopp, and he sent me what i felt is the ultimate baker’s dream: ninety four Hawaiian vanilla beans from his amazing farm and gastronomic center in Paauilo. i split the beans and saved the seeds for future use; then i soaked the split beans in House of Grand Marnier Navan vanilla cognac for weeks. if you haven’t tried the Hawaiian vanilla yet, you must must must. it has a floral aroma, what i call the more beautiful twin of the finest Tahitian vanilla, plus it is longer and more plum fresh. You can find Jim at Hawaiian Vanilla Company

now comes the chocolate…. here is the cake with chocolate babies: cacao pods! this is the picture that will be gracing the walls of Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory

growers Pam and Bob Copper from Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory have become my best friends. no one can resist chocolate, and so glad the Copper’s and chocolate have the same personality! be sure to send them an email! the cake is a chocolate chiffon cake with Rose’s revolutionary new mixing method for making chiffon cakes as tiered layers. after baking, the cake is moistened with lots and lots and lots of milk ganache syrup, then filled and frosted with dark chocolate ganache. the Coopers are becoming noticed worldwide, especially with the current interest in single origin chocolate, so be sure to look for Hawaii grown chocolate at your favorite store. i loved it so much, this cake with the exact same chocolate is now part of my yellow kitchen cake catalog. it tastes like chocolate and nothing else . . . works so well in harmony with the rest of the ingredients.

there is more to this cake: the shiny baby grand piano chocolate lacquer glaze. please read how this glaze came about on a recent blog post where Rose meets Zach Townsend in Paris. this lacquer glaze is so perfect and so shiny, that i went on to become friends with Zach! we had quite and interesting exchange of notes about the ability of this glaze to be forgiving to work with, to withstand warm weather, on and on till a new subject of soy sauce on chocolate came about… stay tuned.

and there is more to this cake, too . . . once you get your copy of Rose’s upcoming book and look at the picture of this cake, you are just going to drop. the picture is so perfect that i had to dig the world to find the person who photographed it . . . i facebook’d the great Ben Fink and commented on his picture only to hear back from him that my picture was also great! . . . photographing brown on brown on black on black on shiny on shiny is just not very easy.

i hope you enjoy this cake, make it as soon as Rose’s new book is out, and remember ALL the people involved on the development of this recipe: Rose, Zach, and of course Woody. without their guidance, my cake wouldn’t have turned out the way you see it. Rose had the gracious act to show my cake to Daniel Patterson, for whom the cake was first designed (for his wedding back in 2007).

the only thing i didn’t account for while planning this cake, is hiring Honolulu Police, to escort motorcade the delivery (and more so after finding out that Whole Foods sells one Hawaiian vanilla bean for $29); instead i brought four of my closest friends, and made new friends after the cake was served, which is perfect, because i am such a nerve bag when driving with my cakes, most quit after they see me run red lights rather than slamming the car breaks.
aloha. /H

p.s. my cake was enjoyed at my adorable Emily and Carlos’s baby shower and nobody else in the world would have been more perfect to receive this cake in celebration. here are more pictures of the cake:

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