Golden 11 Lemon Almond Cake (page 37) – hawaii take

hector’s new take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Golden Lemon Almond Cake (page 37) baked on the pan as done on the book, the nordic ware bavaria pan

however, i changed just about everything else:

1- instead of butter, i am using avocado. same amount per weigh. in order to make the color less green, i froze and thawed the avocado, turning it a little brown.
my goal isn’t to cut fat or calories, my goal is to experiment using avocado as a replacement to butter since avocado is widely available in hawaii.
i can report that using avocado instead of batter, gives the cake a texture similar to an oil cake. the crumb is coarser, a bit chewier, and it does not melt in your mouth (oil doesn’t melt in your mouth, butter does).
2- instead of lemon, i am using passion fruit. this i shall say was an excellent option! i loved the flavor of this ‘lemon’ cake but as passion fruit! replace the lemon oil and lemon zest on the cake batter with passion essence from La Cuisine.
for the lemon syrup, use passion pure instead of lemon juice.
3- instead of almonds, i am using mac nuts. excellent choice too! to grind the mac nuts as fine as ground almonds, i added a little bit of the dry ingredients to grind in the food processor, in addition to the sugar.
4- here is what the dry ingredients look like with the avocados.

2 thoughts on “Golden 11 Lemon Almond Cake (page 37) – hawaii take

  1. jeannie says:

    An interesting idea, but aren’t avacados only 30% fat while butter is 80% ? Wouldn’t that affect the texture a lot?

    • J, in fact it does. The texture and crumb is similar to a moist oil cake.

      The amount of fat is lower, but the amount of sugar and carbs is the same or higher indeed (avocado has some). Also, the cake bakes 10-15% smaller, so u end up eating more sugar and carbs for the same serving size of a butter cake. Indeed, the cake is so light, people over eat! This is where “diet” or “healthier ” food defeat it’s intents. Do u know that gluten free cakes need more sugars and fat?

      I m not replacing butter w avocado to create a diet alternative. I m doing this because I have a large supply of avocados and support my farmers.

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