Tropical 03 Wedding Cake (page 391) – banana cake with coconut buttercream

this a flour less take of the cake.  here are my notes:

“For my 43rd birthday, I baked my own cake with my own recipe. This cake is inspired from Rose’s Tropical Wedding Cake, and what an experience it is!

I celebrated my birthday on 5/19 at a friend’s house, who I graciously asked to cook dinner for us! We were 18 guests and I kindly asked that in lieu of gifts, to please bring money to pay the cost of dinner. I offered to bring the cake (indeed nobody had a second thought on this). We turned to be 25 guests, and what a blast we had. The food was peruvian and plenty. We ate for close to 3 hours and we managed to finish this cake which normally feeds 110 people.

The cake was flourless. And in my opinion, unbelievable to achieve. I don’t have much to report yet, but all I can say, is that you can eat cake without using flour. Currently, I am experimenting with a straight substitution of flour with corn starch and by using a different mixing method. The resulting cake tends to dry out faster, however the taste is PERFECT and it melts in your mouth. I am so pleased and can’t wait to one day write The Corn Starch Cake Bible …Rose approves…

The cake is frosted with coconut buttercream.

From Hector, with love, to my friends and family who shared my 43rd birthday dinner, here is a banana cake with coconut buttercream, baked on a pair of 12″ and 8″ heart cake pans, stacked off center, and decorated with fresh coconut and white chocolate pearls. The buttercream is infused with Koloa brand dark rum.”

2 thoughts on “Tropical 03 Wedding Cake (page 391) – banana cake with coconut buttercream

  1. Deborah says:

    It looks REALLY good Hector. I’m not sure about corn starch as a total substitution for flour, but why not? Maybe a combination of corn meal and corn flour? In your experimenting have you tried to use flours made from nuts? They can process to a nice flour although heavier than flour, it does taste good, (I am not allergic to nuts as some are).

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