Baby 06 Lemon Cheese (page 327) – kona lemon pistachio take

when i make ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Baby Lemon Cheesecakes (page 327), i need A LOT of lemon juice. here is a handy tool:

juice lab -beater blade -new metro - 4

i had a lot of snack pistachios, those commonly snacked, salted, in the shell, and though of using them as a cheesecake base.  i shelled the pistachios, and to my amazement, the cleaned pistachios were not salty; most of the salt resides on the shell!  now u all won’t need to buy hard to find unsalted pistachios sold for baking.

i used the crust recipe from the Pure Pumpkin Cheesecake (page 247), replacing the gingersnap cookies (by weigh) with shelled pistachios, and indeed this crust becomes wheat free!  instead of pecans, you replace them with more pistachio, too.  omit the salt.  this is what it looks like:

Kona Lemon Pistachio Cheesecake - 1

and the lined cupcake molds:

Kona Lemon Pistachio Cheesecake - 2


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