Torta 30 de las Tres Leches (page 211) – maizena cake

tres leches -wheat free 8

growing up in Peru, i remember eating ‘maizena’ or a delicate milk and corn starch pudding.  it is simple, yet smooth and delicate, the flavors of milk and corn starch, served cold, lingers on the tip of my tongue todate.

hector’s new take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Torta de las Tres Leches (page 211), wheat free, using corn starch instead of flour for the cake, is ‘maizena’ take on cake.  i adore this version so much, i don’t make the flour version anymore.  shaping it like a rose is a labor of love.

this cake was featured on by my local newspaper.

to pipe a giant rose, use this large rose tube.

step by step:

tres leches -wheat free 1 tres leches -wheat free 2 tres leches -wheat free 3 tres leches -wheat free 4 tres leches -wheat free 5 tres leches -wheat free 7 tres leches -wheat free 8

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