IACP mention

Q. As an icon among bakers today, who do you see taking center stage in the baking world in the future?

ROSE: Of the five people I predict will rise to great heights, three are, at present, virtually unknown. All five have a ‘genius’ aspect to their work.

Hector Wong, from Hawaii, is a large presence on my blog. His cake designs and photography are stunning and unique.

Zach Townsend, from Texas, is a gifted “private chef” chocolatier who is also translating French recipes for Wine Enthusiast magazine and writing freelance for the Dessert Professional.

Matthew Boyer, from Texas, has many high-level skills, which include proofreading, science, math, design, photography, and baking.

Joanne Chang is already well known in the Boston area for her wonderful bakery: Flour. She is a graduate of MIT and has just written her first cookbook on baking “Flour Bakery Cookbook.”

Caitlin Williams Freeman, who was greatly appreciated in the Bay Area as co-owner of Miette Bakery, is now in partnership with her husband James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee and is creating amazing desserts both for Blue Bottle Cafés around the country, and for San Francisco MOMA, based on some of the museum’s artwork.

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