World Cake

this is my ROSE WORLD CAKE.  took 3 months to bake every component, and 8 hours to assemble.  it is 6 feet wide.  it could had been wider but wouldn’t fit out thru my door.  in fact, i took down a window to take this cake out from my kitchen.  this cake is only 3 feet deep because i delivered the cake on my mini cooper.

the continents are made of free form fruit tarts; composed with a coconut cookie crust, a thick passion fruit cream filling, a thin layer of sponge cake soaked in dark rum, fresh mango slices, and a shiny apricot glaze.

the oceans are made of miniature cakes, topped with individual buttercream roses.  look closely, there are 3 sizes of cakes and roses, as well as shades of blue.  all cakes are soaked in frangelico.  the darker cakes are colored with pure chocolate to give the illusion of depth.

the cake sold for a mere $500, but i always ask for tips so i know how happy my customers get.  i made $2,500 on tips that day.  i also ask to be present to serve the cake and bring 3 cake cutting assistants.

my best friend and mentor Rose Levy Beranbaum, author of The Cake Bible, has it framed at her New York studio.

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