THE PIE.  Following Rose’s recipe for pecan pie(tart).  Pre-baked shell.  The chocolate lace is not just beautiful but compliments the taste.  I think this pie & lace is on the cover of a food magazine, I’ve spotted last week.  Bitter chocolate lace, thin profile pie as a tart on a flaky cream cheese unsweetened non-cookie crust, are like putting each of your feet on a separate scale and register the same weight:  perfect balance.  The pie was served with a dab of extremely lightly sweetened bourbon whipped cream.  One of my guests, the one who can’t cook, gave compliments!  The lack of sugar on the whipped cream enhanced the flavor of dairy, and the touch of alcohol made this flavor very palatable (try drinking heavy cream straight from the box, and you will know what I mean).  Rose:  thank you for doing the research for us on how to assemble the best pecan pie!  I hope the pictures give credit to this incredible composition of flavors, texture, and color.  Click here for the complete Thanksgiving menu:  http://www.hectorwong.com/roselevy/thanksgiving/Rose-s-Celebrations.html

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