Golden 02 Dream Wedding Cake (page 397) – the juice lab

when i make ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Golden Dream Wedding Cake (page 397), i need A LOT of lemon juice.  here is a handy tool:

Growing up in Peru, I’ve been squeezing limes since i was 3 y.o.  Lime juice is an essential ingredient in Peru, with limonada, moliente, ceviche, salsa criolla, ensalada rusa, arroz blanco, cazuela, aguadito, ensalada de lechuga a la juliana, pie de limon, pisco sour, merengues, cocadas, etc.  (I no longer write translations because you can google it).

I own just about every lime juicer that have been invented.  Yesterday, I decided to give the New Metro Juice Lab a chance.  I was very skeptical because it “looks” like a simple citrus reamer with the addition of what appears to be additional parts to clean:  a strainer, a lid, and a beaker.

The manufacturer describes the beaker as handy to catch and store the juice.  The beaker doubles as a sturdy base, comfortable and ergonomic.  The strainer catches seeds and pulp.  I agree, but honestly, I wasn’t sold with these features because all my other lime juicers are also easy to use.  My Dad has been collecting lime juicers for decades.

What sold me is what I felt when I used the Juice Lab!  There was zero mess, no splashing, no squirts on your face, and no seeds flying off.  Take a close look at the grotesque grooves in the reamer.  The grooves catch the seeds with precision, and directing the juice to the beaker.

You have to try it for yourself as it is almost like telling someone exactly how you want to juice a lime.  It works for lemons and small oranges too.  Here are the pictures.  The seeds and the juice are where they belong!!!

Golden 14 Lemon Almond Cake (page 37) – zest nest take

hector’s take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Golden Lemon Almond Cake (page 37) using kona lemons with 3 stages of ripeness. kona lemons are full of flavor and can be used when they are green, orange, or yellow.
playing with the new zest nest. i loved it. this cake uses a lot of zest.

Torta 30 de las Tres Leches (page 211) – maizena cake

tres leches -wheat free 8

growing up in Peru, i remember eating ‘maizena’ or a delicate milk and corn starch pudding.  it is simple, yet smooth and delicate, the flavors of milk and corn starch, served cold, lingers on the tip of my tongue todate.

hector’s new take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Torta de las Tres Leches (page 211), wheat free, using corn starch instead of flour for the cake, is ‘maizena’ take on cake.  i adore this version so much, i don’t make the flour version anymore.  shaping it like a rose is a labor of love.

this cake was featured on by my local newspaper.

to pipe a giant rose, use this large rose tube.

step by step:

tres leches -wheat free 1 tres leches -wheat free 2 tres leches -wheat free 3 tres leches -wheat free 4 tres leches -wheat free 5 tres leches -wheat free 7 tres leches -wheat free 8

Whipped 12 Cream Cake (page 29) – mochi cake take aka butter mochi

i had never baked a mochi cake, also loved and known as butter mochi.  during my experiments with rice flour for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Whipped Cream Cake (page 29), i made what i experienced as the best tasting mochi cake i have ever encountered, yet it doesn’t contain a drop of butter.
this mochi cake is also very easy to make, mix all ingredients all together till uniform, and without any particular order.  the changes are, all by weight:  substitute the cream with sour cream, substitute the cake flour with rice flour (not mochi-ko flour).  click here for the rice flour i used
the resulting cake is only half height, but i think this is perhaps the most beautifully shaped mochi cake you will see.

Rose, Hector, Hawaii, and Coffee

I hope you have enjoyed Rose’s half dozen blog postings regarding our meet-up in Hawaii. The only thing I can add: Rose is everything I imagined for and more. I gathered as many people and places to be with Rose in Hawaii, because otherwise I would think this meet-up was a dream. Here is a summary video:

If am already putting you to sleep, please enjoy the following coffee video. Rose had a coffee experience unique and difference each day during her stay. We tasted coffees from all regions thanks to my friends from

It was an honor to make Rose’s cappuccino by 8 am. After lunch, I made a second one for her, together with a black americano with lots of sugar for my now-good-friend Woody Wolston. We also tasted Rose’s Coffee Panna Cotta and Luca’s Tiramisu.

To finish with ‘broche de oro’ allow me to share this video again taken at Mauna Kea Telescope Park. This place is above the clouds which is how I feel exactly right now.