hector’s kitchen store

best of the best:

bestest thermometer:thermapen_mk4_yl_z_cdough kneader:

must have:

mixer:mixer beater;cheesecake waterbath liner:recipes:scale:wrap:freezer wrap:even bake strips:thermometer:spoons:oven

cake pans by wilton:

8-inch springform:mini heart cheesecake6-inch heart:9-inch heart:12-inch heart:sweetheart
pan:mini heart:mini red heart:mini angel food:cascade:belle:gift:chiffon:

cake pans with silicone:

mini madeleine:rose cupcakes:loaf:cupcake
stars:fruit tart:cupcake:brownie:

cake pans bundt by nordicware:

keeper:rose:bavaria:pineapple cupcakes:heart;wreath:rose cupcake:pumpkin:classic:shortcake cupcakes:stadium:tree:

cake pans by magic line:

6″:8″:9″:12″:cheesecake: 1.5″ cake layer:

sought ingredients:

hawaiian vanilla:Hawaiian Vanilla lemon curd:lemon oil:orange oil:citrus oil set:light
brown sugar:dark brown sugar:confectioners sugar:cocoa:salt:white chocolate:ladyfingers;

handy to hold:

oval whisking bowl:large mixer:microplane;box
grater:coarse grater;mill:compact scale:immersion blender:ice cream maker:induction burner:sifter:espresso maker:countertop convection oven:vacuum sealer:cake bible:pie
and pastry bible:bread bible:pocket infrared thermometer:heat proof bands:phone:

oven probe and deep frying thermometer:chefalarm_yellow_d_a



3 thoughts on “hector’s kitchen store

  1. I go through the Genoise recipes in Cake Bible. I prefers a Green Tea Genoise Cake. Which recipe is better to bring out the green tea flavor? Since that green tea powder and cocoa powder are both alkaline, can I replace it into Genoise au Chocolat? Thanks.

  2. Conrad says:

    Hey Hector,

    This is probably not the correct venue, but I couldn’t find your email on the website.
    I worked with you briefly many years ago at DLS as an assecssioner. There aren’t many Hector Wongs who immigrated from Peru to the islands.

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your success. I found this website via the Star Advertiser. Saw your article in the paper while visiting my parents in Hawaii.

    If you want to get back in touch email me.


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