Rose, Hector, Hawaii, and Coffee

I hope you have enjoyed Rose’s half dozen blog postings regarding our meet-up in Hawaii. The only thing I can add: Rose is everything I imagined for and more. I gathered as many people and places to be with Rose in Hawaii, because otherwise I would think this meet-up was a dream. Here is a summary video:

If am already putting you to sleep, please enjoy the following coffee video. Rose had a coffee experience unique and difference each day during her stay. We tasted coffees from all regions thanks to my friends from

It was an honor to make Rose’s cappuccino by 8 am. After lunch, I made a second one for her, together with a black americano with lots of sugar for my now-good-friend Woody Wolston. We also tasted Rose’s Coffee Panna Cotta and Luca’s Tiramisu.

To finish with ‘broche de oro’ allow me to share this video again taken at Mauna Kea Telescope Park. This place is above the clouds which is how I feel exactly right now.